Early Access Program

TeamCity 6.5 EAP is open!

It’s been a while since our last TeamCity 6.0 EAP, and now we are ready to open EAP for TeamCity 6.5. Yes, we decided to call it 6.5, and the planned release date is the end of April – beginning of May.

In this EAP you’ll find the restyled web interface. We started to work on it before TeamCity 6.0 version is released, but decided not to include it in 6.0 version. Now we roll it out. We hope that you’ll share your feedback with us.

Another interesting feature is for those who use distributed version control systems. Now, TeamCity is able to monitor branches in Git or Mercurial repositories (such branches should have some specific names) and start personal builds once the push in the branch is detected. This feature is a bit experimental, we still not sure how it’ll look finally, and it has some bugs (TW-15302, TW-15137), sorry for that. But still we think it’s worth to show it to our users.

Of course, there are other features, like showing of the build configuration changes in the audit log, project parameters and more. See the complete list in our changelog, download the build and send us your feedback!

And don’t forget to back up your data before upgrade!

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