TeamCity 9.1.1 to the rescue!

Pavel Sher

Greetings, everyone!

Since TeamCity 9.1 was released, several issues requiring a quick fix on our side have been reported to our tracker.
The most noticeable of them are:
– problems with building .NET 4.6 projects and proper detection of .NET 4.6 on agents
– problems with running NUnit tests on Linux
– Swabra exclude rules stopped working in some cases
– problems with the TeamCity server launch on some platforms

In 9.1.1 all these problems are fixed.

We also added one feature to Amazon EC2 integration which had already been cooked for quite some time:
TW-34196 – ability to set IAM role on a running instance

Overall TeamCity 9.1.1 addresses more than 60 different problems. See the complete list of fixed issues in our release notes.

If you’re already using TeamCity 9.1, make sure to install this update. If you have not upgraded yet, please consider doing so, as all the new fixes are to be applied to the 9.1.x branch; no updates for TeamCity 9.0.x are planned.

Download and install TeamCity 9.1.1! As with any other TeamCity bugfix update, this version does not introduce changes in data format and can be easily reverted to TeamCity 9.1.

Happy building!

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2 Responses to TeamCity 9.1.1 to the rescue!

  1. Petro Sasnyk says:

    August 17, 2015

    The main reason why we have chosen TeamCity this is Resharper code analysis.
    Since probably 8.4 code analysis is broken, but if in 8.4 it is incorrectly work with AsyncTargetingPack on .net 4.0, but you could suppress this.
    In 9.0 line code analysis for .net is broken completely. It either hangs or crashes.
    This issue have never gotten enouth priority.

    • Pavel Sher says:

      August 17, 2015

      This is where we depend on ReSharper team completely. Unfortunately it looks like they still can’t find the cause of the issue. We’ll try to raise priority of this issue.


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