Brand new TeamCity 9.1.5 is here

Julia Alexandrova

Greetings, everyone!

We are happy to announce TeamCity 9.1.5 update! Have you noticed our new site featuring bright colors and an uncluttered design?


We’re so excited about our new logo and icon and hope you are too! But new logo or old, TeamCity is still your 24/7 build engineer and will continue the drive to being the best product for you.

Build 37377 fixes over 80 problems, the most important being NuGet 3.2 compatibility fixes and bundled tools updates: TeamCity now comes with the latest IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.x and ReSharper 10.0.2.

Another change concerns the way the Gradle runner accesses TeamCity system properties: the syntax introduced in TeamCity 9.1.2 will no longer be functional; the new recommended way is to reference TeamCity properties similarly to Gradle properties. See details in our documentation.

We greatly appreciate our users reporting problems with TeamCity, fixing which helps us to make the product better. But at times the efforts of our users truly exceed our expectations! Just as we were about to release version 9.1.5, we were presented with a very subtle bug with notifications. Obviously, it had taken our users loads of time to reproduce the problem, so we decided we could not but fix it as a holiday gift to our users, all thanks to the guys from!

Our release notes list all fixes, check them out and download TeamCity 9.1.5. now!

As usual you can freely upgrade-downgrade within all TeamCity 9.1.x releases, so check the upgrade notes and don’t hesitate to upgrade!

Happy building!

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7 Responses to Brand new TeamCity 9.1.5 is here

  1. Javier Z. McFigglestein says:

    December 22, 2015

    Can you tell us when TeamCity will have full fledged support for Hub integration? looking forward to single sign on for YouTrack, TeamCity, Upsource, and Hub.

    • Javier Z. McFigglestein says:

      December 22, 2015

      I know there’s a separate plugin I can download, but i’m honestly afraid to use it and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use the upper-right icon to navigate between sites.

      • Pavel Sher says:

        December 22, 2015

        We’re using this plugin internally in JetBrains, it works fine. As to upper-right icon with all applications, there is no such icon at the moment.

        • Javier Z. McFigglestein says:

          December 23, 2015

          OK thanks. Is there a method for merging teamcity accounts / permissions with hub though? That’s what I’m mostly unsure of.

          • Pavel Sher says:

            December 23, 2015

            You can enable synchronization of user accounts between TeamCity and Hub. Changes in Hub will be synced back to TeamCity. But it does not affect permissions, as TeamCity permissions are not presented in Hub, they are configured in TeamCity itself.

  2. Mayank says:

    December 22, 2015

    I think download link is broken.


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