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TeamCity TFS support embraces Linux and Mac OS

The upcoming TeamCity version will contain some improvements in the Microsoft Team Foundation Server integration. One of the most demanded TFS features is the ability to checkout TFVC repositories on Linux machines, and we are proud to say that the new TeamCity version will support cross-platform TFS integration.

The built-in TFS support in the plugin currently depends on Microsoft Team Explorer, which works only on Windows machines. To target other platforms in the build pipeline, for example, to run a test set on Linux, until now it was necessary to install a TeamCity server and Microsoft Team Explorer on a Windows machine.

The new TFS plugin is built on top of the Microsoft cross-platform TFS SDK and works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. Without installing additional software, TeamCity servers and build agents can interact with Team Foundation Servers (from 2010 to 2015) and Visual Studio Team Services.

Executing build configuration on the different platforms

The production version of the new TFS plugin will be included in the upcoming TeamCity 10.0, but the EAP version is already available for download to the TeamCity 9.x users as a separate plugin which can be installed manually.

The plugin can work in two modes: the default and cross-platform. The working mode is based on the availability of Team Explorer: if it is not present, the plugin falls back from the default to cross-platform mode.

If you don’t want the plugin to affect all build configurations running on the server, you can turn on the cross-platform mode for the desired build configuration(s) only via the teamcity.tfs.mode configuration parameter:

Turn on cross-platform mode for the specific build configuration

Besides that, many users find the Versioned Settings feature really useful and want it to support TFVC repositories too. The new TeamCity TFS plugin makes it possible: once the plugin is installed, this feature is available by default.


We want to let you know that your feedback is really appreciated, so you are welcome to try the plugin and share your thoughts in the comments to this blog post, in the forum or issue tracker. Please keep in mind this is a pre-release version of the TFS plugin, so it is not recommended for production use.

Happy building!

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