Early Access Program Features

TeamCity 2017.2 EAP2 is out

Greetings, everyone!

We are happy to present the new EAP version of TeamCity 2017.2 to you.

In TeamCity 2017.2 EAP2 we are introducing a new feature – composite builds allowing to aggregate results from several other builds connected by snapshot dependencies and presents the results in one place. A composite build can be viewed as a build which consists of a number of parts which can be executed in parallel on different agents. All these parts will have synchronized snapshot of the source code and the results can be seen in a single place. We would really like you to try this feature and share your feedback with us.

This EAP build also comes with improved Docker integration: you can now create a connection to a docker registry and TeamCity will be able to automatically log in to the specified registry before a build and log out of the registry after it. You can now instruct TeamCity to remove the published images during the build clean-up, and more.

Plugins management improvements include tracking newly uploaded plugins and disabling them via the web UI.

For the full list of improvements, see our release notes.

Download TeamCity 2017.2 EAP2 and make sure you install it on a trial server: this version is still in development; besides, it modifies the TeamCity data format making the downgrade impossible.

Try the new version and help us make it better: our forum and tracker are always at your disposal.

Happy building!
The TeamCity Team

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