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TeamCity 2019.1 EAP2 is Available

TeamCity 2019.1 EAP2 is Available

After the previous EAP release ran for a good month, we are ready to give you the second Early Access Preview of TeamCity 2019.1!

In this EAP:

  • Support for GitLab merge requests
  • Improved scalability options
  • Log out of all sessions
  • Permanent token authentication with YouTrack

GitLab merge requests support

For those of you working with GitLab, it is now possible to automatically build merge requests. Filter them by author, limit to external or internal collaborators only, or open them for everyone. You can also filter by target branch.

If you are familiar with how TeamCity handles GitHub pull requests, this basically mirrors that functionality for GitLab’s merge requests.

Improved scalability options

Remember the Running Builds Node we introduced some time ago, to let you outsource handling of the build agent data to a separate server? It helps improve TeamCity performance on a larger scale.

This has now been reworked into a separate responsibility, which can be assigned to a secondary server, along with the “VCS changes collecting” responsibility introduced in 2018.2.

This means you can now set up a single secondary TeamCity server and outsource some or all of these tasks to it:

  • Show a read-only UI while the main server is unavailable
  • Collect changes from the VCS
  • Process data produced by running builds

Log out of all sessions

If a user’s password is compromised, you can now ensure that they log out of all sessions when they change their password. This can be invoked either by the user or by a server admin.

Permanent token authentication with YouTrack

Those of you using the integration with YouTrack are probably aware that the login-password authentication is deprecated and YouTrack will soon stop supporting it. TeamCity now lets you use permanent tokens for token-based authorization in REST API calls.

The detailed feature description and the list of fixes are available in our Release Notes.

As usual, the new release changes the TeamCity data format and, since version 2019.1 is still in development, we recommend installing it on a trial server.

You are welcome to try the new EAP build and share your feedback on our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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