Webinar Recording: Getting Started with TeamCity Plugins

Posted on by Anton Arhipov

The recording of our April 30 webinar, Getting Started with TeamCity Plugins is now available on the JetBrains YouTube channel.

In this webinar, we developed a custom runner plugin for TeamCity. The plugin adds a new build step for the echo command and displays the result of the execution in a custom tab for the completed build. You can find the source code of the plugin on GitHub.

The timeline:

4:23 – Generate project with Maven archetype
8:23 – Create server-side part of the plugin
18:31 – Create agent-side part of the plugin
24:47 – Configure TeamCity SDK Maven plugin
31:13 – Adding configuration UI to the server plugin
33:49 – Adding input validation
54:29 – Display results in a custom tab for the build


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