Early Access Program Features

TeamCity Kanpur 2019.2 EAP is open

Here comes the first Early Access Preview (EAP) build of TeamCity 2019.2! Our work on the next version of TeamCity is in full swing, and we are ready to give some sneak peek at what’s in progress.

There’s good news for those who use Amazon EC2: TeamCity now supports Amazon launch templates! When adding an image in a cloud profile in TeamCity, you can select an existing Amazon template to apply the predefined configuration parameters to requested instances.

Another nice feature is code highlighting for scripts of the most popular build runners: Command Line, Ant, Powershell, Docker, NAnt, and Rake, and for the configuration code of Amazon EC2 images.

Dockerfile highlighting in TeamCity

Dockerfile highlighting in TeamCity

We continue working on our experimental UI: many new features are on their way. In this EAP:

  • Try the detailed Build Preview directly in the build list.
  • With the Compare Builds feature, select two builds from the same configuration to review their details side-by-side and get a hint on what might have affected the build behavior.

This EAP also brings optimizations to a multinode setup and Docker integration.

The detailed feature description and the list of fixes are available in our Release Notes.

All our EAP releases come with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations. As usual, the new release changes the TeamCity data format and, since version 2019.2 is still in development, we recommend installing it on a trial server.

To try all the new features, download the latest EAP build. We are glad to receive your feedback on our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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