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Videos now online – TeamCity Cloud Launch Event

Last week, we were streaming the TeamCity Cloud Launch Event, celebrating the launch of TeamCity Cloud, our new JetBrains-hosted CI/CD platform. During the event, we talked about getting started with teamcity Cloud, about its pricing and licensing, as well as showed a demo of some more advanced concepts, such as migrating from an on-premises version or connecting self-hosted build agents.

We hope you managed to join the event live. In case you didn’t, we’ve published the full recording of the live stream:

The individual talks are now also available as separate videos. Feel free to revisit those or share them with your friends or colleagues.

Getting started with TeamCity Cloud

In this talk, Marco Behler, TeamCity Developer Advocate, starts off with the very basics, such as how to register a TeamCity Cloud account and how to run your first build in a brand new TeamCity Cloud instance. He also covers cloud agents and what software they have installed by default.

TeamCity Cloud Pricing Overview

In this session, David Stewart, TeamCity Sales Engineer, explains how TeamCity Cloud pricing model works: which plans there are and how concepts like committers, storage, build agent types, and self-hosted agents play into your monthly bill.

TeamCity Cloud: Advanced Topics

Running a simple build in TeamCity Cloud is easy enough. But what about more complicated topics, like connecting self-hosted on-premises agents to your TeamCity Cloud instance, installing plugins, or migrating from On-Premises to Cloud? How are upgrades handled? Which limitations does TeamCity Cloud have? This talk by Marco Behler provides all the answers.

If you’ve enjoyed these talks, try setting up CI/CD for your own project on TeamCity Cloud now, with a free 14-day trial.

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