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CI/CD in the Cloud with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy: June 30 Webinar

Have you ever wanted to see how to automate the whole CI/CD pipeline, from a commit in version control to a change in production, all in a cloud-based environment? Join the TeamCity Cloud and Octopus Deploy webinar, where we will demonstrate how to create your first CI/CD pipeline in TeamCity Cloud, integrate it with Octopus Deploy, and then perform the deployment through Octopus Cloud. In the 40-minute webinar you will see it done live by Marco Behler, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, and Derek Campbell, Senior Solutions Architect at Octopus Deploy.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use TeamCity Cloud
  • How to use Octopus Cloud
  • How to integrate them for a fully-managed CI/CD in the cloud

The webinar is free, and it will take place on June 30 in European time zones, and will be rebroadcast on July 1 and July 5 for US and APAC-friendly time zones.

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About the speakers

Marco Behler
Marco works as a developer advocate at JetBrains, in Munich, Germany. He loves to share everything he knows about writing and building awesome software – knowledge he acquired from a decade of consulting in the Java and Spring ecosystems – through guides, tweets, books and talks. Follow Marco on Twitter.

Derek Campbell
Derek is a Senior Solutions Architect at Octopus Deploy. He helps customers with their CI/CD pipelines and enables their success with Octopus. During his time in DevOps and automation consultancy, Derek has automated CI/CD pipelines and helped lead and implement CI/CD at numerous companies worldwide.

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