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Talks are available on demand: TeamCity – 15 Years of CI

Some time ago we held a live online event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of TeamCity. The event featured several talks from the members of our team, who took a deep dive into the capabilities of CI/CD with TeamCity, talked about some of the hidden features and showcased some of the new ones. There was even a talk on using TeamCity for building Unity games!

All individual talks are now available on demand, along with the recording of the whole event. Watch them at your own leisure, and feel free to share them with your friends and colleagues.

What’s New in TeamCity 2021.1 & 2021.2 by Alexander Rassokhin

Alex goes over the whole list of improvements introduced in 2021 and talks about some of the most important new features in more detail.

TeamCity Cloud – Getting Started by Marco Behler

This talk is an overview of TeamCity Cloud. Marco starts off with the very basics, such as registering a TeamCity Cloud account, inviting collaborators, and running a first build in a brand-new cloud instance. He then goes on to cover cloud agents, the software they have installed by default, and how you can host them yourself.

CI for Unity Games Using TeamCity by Daniel Gallo

Many game developers use TeamCity to manage their build pipelines. In this session, Daniel walks you through the configuration of a Unity build pipeline in TeamCity and shows how a Unity game can be seamlessly built for various platforms.

Beyond Configurations – Integrations to Supercharge Your CI by David Stewart

TeamCity offers a number of integrations with third-party development tools. In this talk, David explores Cloud Profiles for on-demand build agent generation. He also discusses adding third-party reports to your build results page and working with the TeamCity IDE plugins to run personal builds for your projects.

How Development Teams Can Benefit From Working With Tests in a CI/CD by Evgeny Bovykin

In this talk, Evgeny showcases everything you need to know about working with tests in TeamCity. This includes best practices for working with test coverage, investigations, test history, and more. The demo is shown using a live TeamCity instance, and all configs will be shared so that you can replicate the setup on your own.

And for those interested in reliving the full live event experience, here is the recording of it, hosted by Marco Behler and Yegor Naumov:

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