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Fail build on metric change in TeamCity 7.0

One of TeamCity’s remarkable features is a possibility to analyze the code of your application, find duplicates, show corresponding reports and charts. You can calculate code coverage metrics, run code inspections, and see results right in the TeamCity’s UI. And … Continue reading

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Artifact packaging with TeamCity

In the upcoming TeamCity 5.1 we’ve added an often requested feature – artifact packaging. As you probably already know, in TeamCity you can easily configure artifact upload to the server. Later, from a build page, you can download all artifacts … Continue reading

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Configuration files editing without TeamCity restart

In fact, this feature existed since TeamCity 1.0, though it isn’t much publicized. Yes, we admit that we are lazy developers, and we don’t like to restart the programs after editing their configuration files. That’s why IntelliJ IDEA monitors the … Continue reading

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TeamCity 3.0 (Benares) Early Access Program started

Hello, We are glad to announce the first EAP build of TeamCity 3.0 (codename Benares). It has significant number of new features as well as fixes, usability and performance improvements. It is pretty stable – we run TeamCity EAP as … Continue reading

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TeamCity 3.0 (Benares) plans

Hello everyone, It is the time to reveal some plans regarding the next version of TeamCity. First of all, as long as code-names for TeamCity are city names, we’ve chosen Benares name for this version. Benares will be released this … Continue reading

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TeamCity 2.1 – more flavour for the 2.0 version

The 2.0 release of TeamCity was packed with features. But appetite comes with eating, and the more features we offer to our users the more requests for improvements and enhancements we get with every new release. Well, at least this … Continue reading

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TeamCity 2.0.1 Early Access Program is open

Hello everyone, We are going to release a minor update to TeamCity 2.0 in May, which will include several new features and a critical bugfixes. So today the first EAP build for this version of TeamCity is published. My favorite … Continue reading

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