Introducing Monty 1.0, the Feedback Helper

One of the biggest challenges of Code Review is providing good, useful feedback. The kind that’s clear, straight to the point, and doesn’t turn a code review into a battlefield. The tools help us make changes visible, understand them and estimate their impact on the project, they also help us find problems easier and faster. Yet they provide zero help when we need to find the right words to comment on the problem. No help at all. That is, they didn’t, up until now.

We are happy to introduce Monty, a plugin to Upsource that allows you to significantly reduce the amount of poorly worded unclear feedback in the comments, thus making your code review discussions even more productive! Your team can now collaborate on the code base with an entirely new level of understanding.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, the only thing you need to do is to enable “Feedback analysis” option in your project’s settings. That’s it!

Now, whenever you type a comment that is rude, unclear, or has other issues, Monty will highlight the problem for you and suggest corrections. For example:

Monty can even help your team with more subtle communication problems.

In most severe cases Monty disables the “Add comment” button.

Want to improve communications in your team? Download and install the plugin today!
If you have any questions, feature suggestion or problems, feel free to send your feedback to us, preferably after it has been looked at by Monty ;)

Yours truly,
The Upsource Team