NPM support in Upsource 2017.2

In the latest Upsource release we have further extended the reach of JavaScript code intelligence by introducing support for npm and yarn package managers.

Upsource will look into your package.json file(s) and install the required dependencies so that you can get more out of Go to declaration and Find usages actions.

The downloaded dependencies are intelligently cached.

npm support

Here’s how you can enable JavaScript support in your project:

  • Make sure Node.js, npm and/or Yarn are installed on the Upsource server.
  • Remember: it’s better to have package-lock.json (for npm) and yarn.lock (for Yarn) stored in version control, it makes installation of dependencies much faster.
  • In Upsource, go to the Code Intelligence tab in your project’s settings, and click Enable.
  • Choose your JavaScript flavor, and enjoy!

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