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WebStorm 4.0: HTML5 Boilerplate and other Web Application Templates

When you’re creating a new project, it makes sense to begin with an appropriate starting template. WebStorm offers some well-known project templates to use depending on your needs: client-side – HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap and Kickstrap server-side – Node.js Express … Continue reading

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Code Coverage for JavaScript Unit Testing

Measuring JavaScript code coverage naturally complements unit testing. It provides a clear picture of which parts of your code remain untested, and helps you focus additional tests on the uncovered code. From now on, users of JsTestDriver can measure code … Continue reading

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Attaching the sources of Node.js core modules

When developing a Node.js application it can be convenient to have code completion, validation and debugging capabilities for Node core modules (fs, path, http, etc). Unfortunately, these modules are compiled into the binary. So you have to download the Node.js source … Continue reading

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Run nodeunit tests with WebStorm 3.0

Hello everybody, As you know Node.js support has been already presented in WebStorm 3.0. Now we would like to introduce integration with nodeunit — unit testing framework for Node.js. To start you should have nodeunit module installed. Make sure NODE_PATH environment variable points … Continue reading

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JavaScript unit testing support

If you’re a JavaScript developer, you probably know that the quality and correctness of your application are crucial. Well, consistency and regression testing just got a little less painful. Meet JsTestDriver plugin – an open-source project that was originally started at … Continue reading

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