WebStorm 11 EAP, 142.3805: fixes and improvements

The second Early Access build for WebStorm 11 (142.3805) is now available for download.

If you missed the announcement of WebStorm 11 EAP, you can catch up on it in this blog post.

The new build brings lots of fixes and improvements, with the whole list of addressed issues available in the release notes. The patch-update from the previous EAP build is available . You can also install WebStorm 11 EAP side-by-side with your stable version of WebStorm.

Improved HiDPI support for Windows and Linux

In WebStorm 10 we shipped initial HiDPI support which can be enabled via the -Dhidpi=true key in the .vmoptions file. It was quite limited and had some known issues. Now we’re happy to offer you improved HiDPI support that supports fractional scaling of both fonts and icons according to your system DPI settings. It’s enabled by default.

You can find more details about HiDPI support in this IntelliJ IDEA blog post. Please share your feedback on that in our issue tracker.

New UI for unit testing

Another platform-wide update is an improved UI for the integrated test runners. WebStorm offers integration with Karma and Mocha, and now you can see test statistics right next to test results. The run console now moves from the right side of the tool window to the bottom, once you move the window to the right or the left side of the IDE.


Links in the comments

Now you can simply Cmd-click (or Ctrl+click on Windows) on any link in the comments in any type of file, to open the file in the browser.


Breadcrumbs in Stylus files

For a while now WebStorm has been able to show breadcrumbs in HTML, Less and Sass files, but they were missing in Stylus files. That’s been fixed, and now you can better understand the structure of your complex Stylus file thanks to the breadcrumbs. Make sure that breadcrumbs are enabled in Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance – Show breadcrumbs.


///<reference path=””/> in TypeScript and TSLint

WebStorm 11 EAP understands the scopes defined in the tsconfig.json file and uses them for coding assistance. Now it also understands ///<reference path=””/> syntax and adds the referenced files to the global scope (works only when you have Resolve objects using tsconfig.json enabled).

The recently added TSLint integration now works with the latest TSLint version. You can enable the linter in Preferences |  Languages and Frameworks | TypeScript | TSLint.

You can download and install WebStorm 11 EAP (build 142.3805) right now. Please report your feedback to our issue tracker. To get notifications of new EAP builds as they become available, subscribe to the EAP channel in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

About Ekaterina Prigara

Ekaterina Prigara is WebStorm product marketing manager at JetBrains. She's passionate about new technologies, UX and coffee.
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8 Responses to WebStorm 11 EAP, 142.3805: fixes and improvements

  1. Igor says:

    > WebStorm 11 EAP understands the scopes defined in the tsconfig.json
    What are those ‘scopes’?

    > Now it also understands /// syntax and adds the referenced files to the global scope (works only when you have Resolve objects using tsconfig.json enabled).

    Could you please elaborate?

    • Andrey Starovoyt says:

      For example if you have files f1.ts, f2.ts and tsconfig.json: { files:[“f1.ts”]} you cannot access to exported members of f2.ts from f1.ts (error is ‘Corresponding file f2.ts is not included in tsconfig.json’). Now there are two ways to fix it.

      1) Add the file f2.ts to tsconfig.json
      2) Add /// reference path=”f2.ts”> to the first file

  2. Robert Hughes says:

    Can the EAP be installed side-by-side with WebStorm 10? Or will it alter my WS10 installation?

  3. Tomas Trescak says:

    Hi, the test output does not move to bottom when docked to left or right. Is there any flag I need to turn on? Other than that, impressive! As usual ;)

  4. Tomas Trescak says:

    Hi, to be honest, also “resolve objects using tsconfig.json” functionality is not 100%. It works only if I select “Use tsconfig.json” if I set options manually, it does not work.

    • Ekaterina Prigara says:

      The option that enables IDE to understand and use scopes defined in tsconfig.json and /// reference syntax is called “Resolve objects using tsconfig.json” in the latest WebStorm EAP build.
      Please report an issue on our tracker, if there’s a problem with the way this option works. Thanks!

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