What’s Next: WebStorm 2021.3 Roadmap

Can you believe it’s fall already? Our team was pretty busy this summer – we released WebStorm 2021.2, put together a new JavaScript news series, and finalized our roadmap for the rest of the year. With WebStorm 2021.3 scheduled for the end of November, we’d like to share our plans for the upcoming release.

But before we dive into it, we want to give a big shout-out to all of our 2021.2 Early Access Program users! Your valuable feedback really helped us improve the product. As usual, the most active EAPers have received free one-year WebStorm licenses.

Now let’s take a look at our plans for WebStorm 2021.3. Please note that we can’t guarantee that all the improvements listed below will be included.

Our main focus for this release is improving support for languages, technologies, and tools within WebStorm:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript: We plan to improve support for monorepos in the auto-import feature (WEB-46265, WEB-49388, WEB-28630) and add much-requested support for URLs in import statements (WEB-42983).
  • Vue: Some enhancements will touch on Vue, including support for the Vue-i18n plugin (WEB-43291) and TypeScript type checking in Vue templates (WEB-52130).
  • Angular: We are working on adding Angular 12 inline SCSS support (WEB-51018).
  • Remote development: We’ve mapped out a couple of significant improvements for Node.js remote development in Docker. Node.js remote interpreter support will be added for Mocha (WEB-22179), Jest (WEB-42762), and npm (WEB-20827). Experimental support for the same feature for ESLint (WEB-20824) was already added in v2021.2 – give it a try and share your feedback!
  • Web-types: We’re polishing and bug fixing web-types support, which provides a way to declaratively specify metadata for web component libraries.
  • Deno plugin: We plan to rework the Deno plugin by integrating the Deno LSP (WEB-48625).
  • Code With Me: We are working hard to improve support for JavaScript-specific workflows when using Code With Me and fix a number of known issues, including auto-import with Alt+Enter (CWM-164) and support for non-text file editors (CWM-1199).
  • Version Control: As part of the ongoing effort to improve Version Control’s performance, some issues with using Git on large repositories are scheduled to be fixed.

That’s it for our key plans for the 2021.3 release. Which of the upcoming improvements are you most excited about? Let us know here or on Twitter, and stay tuned for information about the start of the Early Access Program for 2021.3!

The WebStorm team

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