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MEAN Stack Walkthrough and Tips

MEAN is a full-stack web framework that consists of four very popular JavaScript-based projects: MongoDB, express, AngularJS and Node.js.                This screencast shows how  you can work with this development stack in WebStorm. WebStorm supports each of the MEAN projects with … Continue reading

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Grunt in WebStorm 8

Grunt is a very popular tool in the JavaScript community. It’s built on top of Node.js, but it’s used even in most front-end only projects. So even if you don’t work with Node.js, many JavaScript developers install Node.js simply to … Continue reading

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Built-in Server in WebStorm 6

Have you ever started writing an app only to realize that you need a simple local webserver? Never fear, WebStorm 6 is here! Simply open “http://localhost:63342/”, append your project name, and WebStorm will serve up your site for you!

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CoffeeScript Debugging with Sourcemaps in WebStorm 6

Sourcemaps help to solve the problems in the JavaScript ecosystem introduced with JS minification and transpiling from other languages (e.g., CoffeeScript and TypeScript): Sourcemaps allow you to navigate between minified JavaScript files and the original JavaScript files before they were … Continue reading

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WebStorm 6 Sneak Peek – TypeScript, Background Tasks, and Sourcemaps

This quick video will highlight 3 new features coming in WebStorm 6: 1. TypeScript support 2. Background tasks (AKA “built-in file watchers”) 3. Sourcemap debugging

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