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Spell Checker for Code in IntelliJ IDEA

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One day you write some code, commit, push, and then receive a comment on the pull request: “Looks good. Oh, but you misspelled this word in a class name”. Now you have to change the pull request just because of the typo. Annoying and time-consuming, isn’t it?

How IntelliJ IDEA spellchecks code

IntelliJ IDEA understands that code constructs like classes and methods should not be spellchecked like regular words.

At the same time, it can split complex CamelCase names and check the spelling of each segment. If you misspell a specific word within a class name, IntelliJ IDEA will underline it.

That’s what you get with the built-in spell checker.

Advanced spelling, grammar, and style assistance

Install the Grazie Professional plugin for more advanced checks and suggestions. For example, redundant plurals in code, like entitiesIds instead of entityIds, and much more.

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