YouTrack Release Candidate Available

The time has come and we’re releasing YouTrack 1.0 Release Candidate today.

To sum things up, the RC build introduces a pack of new features, bug fixes, and usability improvements compared to YouTrack Beta, including:

  • OpenID support via 5 providers to log in with a single click.
  • Select All to modify more issues than you have in a single page.
  • Restructured permissions for clear administration.
  • “Verified” state for use by your quality assurance department.
  • Filter hints for better understanding or your current filter selection.
  • E-mail threading to prevent YouTrack notifications from flooding your inbox.
  • Merging related changes in e-mail notifications (and no more subscriptions to tags and saved searches that you haven’t ever touched!).
  • Direct links to comments and new issue form.
  • Release notes support (for example, see RC 2 release notes view for everything (except exceptions) that we’ve fixed since YouTrack Beta).
  • Collapsed view and “Show all” links for tags and saved searches.
  • Support for IE6+ via Google Chrome Frame.
  • New shortcuts for toggling issue list views (Ctrl+Alt+plus/minus), and getting back from full issue view to the issue list (Ctrl+Up).
  • Link to registration form from Admin Area | Users tab.
  • And so on!

Download YouTrack RC and try it out! Should the build contain serious bugs, please report them into our YouTrack instance.

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2 Responses to YouTrack Release Candidate Available

  1. Alex says:

    Congratulations on RC. I’ve been using YouTrack to file and search IDEA bugs, and I can say it is a pleasure to work with, and I don’t miss Jira at all. Great job for a 1.0 release! As a user the only showstopper bug I encountered (which still isn’t fixed) is “Limit text search by issue fields​/​comments”. It is still very hard to search for certain keywords in IDEA because you can’t limit the search to the summary line only.

  2. Jura Gorohovsky says:

    Thanks Alex!

    The feature you’re mentioning is scheduled for next version.
    I have voted for it, this is as much as I can do right now :(

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