YouTrack 1.0 is Released!

We’re jubilant to announce that YouTrack 1.0 has been finally released!!

You can download YouTrack 1.0 right away, and request an evaluation license to try it out for 60 days.

When you’re ready to purchase, choose between two YouTrack editions:

  • Enterprise Edition provides unlimited YouTrack functionality for $1,200, or $600 if purchased before the New Year 2010.
  • Professional Edition is limited to 10 projects and 20 user accounts, and doesn’t support LDAP authentication. On the upside, it’s up for grabs at $300, or a mere $150 if purchased before the New Year.

For both editions, you will receive 1 year of free technical support and upgrades.

To request new features and report bugs, please use YouTrack’s own issue tracker instance.

Track with Pleasure!