YouTrack Daring EAP: New Build Published

The new Daring EAP build (number 600) has been published today. The latest build comprises a number of recently fixed issues and brings you several new features and enhancements. Just a couple of improvements to mention:

  • You can now search for issues which relate to, depend on, or duplicate other issues by using the corresponding keywords (relates to:, depends on:, and duplicates:) and <issue ID> as a value.
  • A new keyboard shortcut – to help you quickly copy current issue’s details to the clipboard. By successively pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C , you can now select current issue’s ID, expand selection to issue’s summary, and, finally, clear selection. Simply use the old good Ctrl+C for the copy operation on the selected value(s).

See the list of new features or check the complete Release notes for more details.

Download new EAP build and evaluate the improvements.

Track with pleasure!
– JetBrains YouTrack team

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