Important: YouTrack database activity on March 5 partially lost due to hardware failure

What happened

JetBrains YouTrack instance at experienced an outage yesterday, on Friday, March 5, that resulted in loss of YouTrack database updates that were made from 5:00 GMT to approximately 21:00 GMT on March 5.

At 21:00 GMT, YouTrack was found to be unable to read its database due to partial data corruption. YouTrack has been out of service for several hours since then, and was restored at 7:00 GMT on March 6 from a database backup as of 5:00 GMT, March 5.

We’re trying to find out what caused the problem and it currently seems like a hardware failure.

Who is affected by this problem

This problem affects users of JetBrains product issue trackers hosted at (specifically, issue trackers for IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, TeamCity, RubyMine, dotTrace, MPS, WebStorm, PhpStorm, and PyCharm) who executed the following activities from 5:00 GMT to approximately 21:00 GMT on March 5:

  • Created new issues.
  • Updated existing issues. Updating an issue means changing issue summary, description or attributes; linking issues; attaching files to issues; commenting issues; voting for issues; tagging issues; marking issues as favorites or marking issues to watch.
  • Updated their user profiles. Updating a user profile means modifying notification settings; changing a set of watched items; changing a password or other modifiable profile details.
  • Created or updated tags or saved searches.

If you have not used from 5:00 GMT to approximately 21:00 GMT on March 5, or if you are using any other YouTrack instance, you are not affected by this problem.

We at YouTrack team sincerely apologize to everyone affected by this problem. We’re currently examining our server hardware to find out which specific subsystem caused the problem and why. Knowing the source of the problem will help us make sure that it’s not going to happen again.

If you have additional questions regarding this unfortunate failure, please contact us at