Spring Comes With Fresh Energy EAP Build (1307)!

Please welcome fresh Energy EAP build! This update mostly brings important bug fixes, but also contains new functionality:

  • Customizable attributes. Good news! Assignee, Version and Build fields are converted into customizable. Now you can use these field types just as you need, without having them as predefined. And of course, all of them are supported in search syntax, reports and commands.
    Related Issues:

    1. Convert assignee to custom field
    2. Convert build to custom field
    3. Convert issue versions into custom field
    4. Improve custom field defaults
    5. Search by range for CF

    Note: As all the predefined issue attributes are now converted into customizable, previously available aliases for these fields cannot be used any longer in search queries and commands. This issue might affect your saved searches. Please, use the names of the following custom fields instead of the aliases for now:

  • fix versions (instead of:fix for, fixed in, fix version, version)
  • affected versions (instead of:affects, affecting, that affect, affected version, version)
  • subsystem (instead of:in)
  • build (instead of:fix for, fixed in, build, fix build)
  • assignee (instead of:for, assigned to, assignee)
  • Related Issue: Aliases for custom fields. This issue will be fixed in the next EAP build.
    Please, take a look at the full issues list included in the current build, download it, and share your feedback with us:

    1. Submit issues and feature requests in our bug tracker.
    2. Speak out at our community forum.
    3. Submit private feedback using our feedback form.
    4. Rate individual EAP builds right on the YouTrack EAP Builds page.

    Keep tracking with pleasure!
    JetBrains YouTrack Team

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