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YouTrack InCloud Is Open for Purchase

YouTrack InCloud is now available for purchase in our brand new JetBrains eStore! If you are already using YouTrack hosted in the cloud, you have two options:

  • Choose and purchase one of the commercial plans. Get 2 months free by choosing a yearly subscription!
  • Or switch to a free plan.
  • To proceed to purchase, please log in first, using your JetBrains Account. Also, JetBrains Account allows you to check your subscriptions details in customer profile.
    Here is a quick preview of the available plans:

    For more details, please check our Pricing page.
    And here is some detailed information about the plan options for YouTrack InCloud:
    Private and Public Projects

    1. In a Public Project, you cannot change the level of visibility or make your data private. It means that your site will be public and available to all non-registered users. Technically, you have a ‘Guest’ user which cannot be banned.
    2. In a Private Project, you set up the level of visibility on a per-project or even per-issue level. You can make any data available to specific user(s) or group(s) only.

    Introducing a new Users + Reporters concept
    In YouTrack InCloud we offer additional user accounts called ‘Reporters’ at no additional charge. So, with every commercial plan you get a number of users plus a set of reporters.
    Who are Users and who are Reporters?

    1. Reporter is a type of user account with the basic set of permissions that cannot be extended. Reporter accounts are intended to be used for your external customers, who usually perform basic actions such as browsing and reporting, commenting, linking issues, adding watchers, and so on.
    2. User is a type of user account with the full set of permissions. User accounts are created for your development team members.

    Check Reporter vs User Permissions for more details.
    Custom Logo allows you to customize the logo in your YouTrack header.
    SSL Connection enables a secure access to your YouTrack InCloud site.
    Storage Limits. You get 5GB of disk space in any plan by default. It be increased by contacting technical support at no additional cost.
    Which plan is right for you?

    1. Free Plan. You get up to 9 users and 3,000 issues, no reporters, no private projects, no SSL or custom logo. This plan is the best choice for a small public project with no external users.
    2. Commercial Plans. You choose a commercial plan according to the number of your internal users and external reporters. All commercial plans include private projects, SSL and custom logo and an unlimited number of issues and projects.

    Now you are ready to choose a plan that suits or needs best. Welcome to JetBrains eStore!
    Take your bugs to the cloud!
    JetBrains YouTrack Team

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