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Introducing Okie Dokie — the first Android mobile client for YouTrack

This post comes from a small team called Strintec based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We are really in love with YouTrack, and we’re much indebted to the YouTrack dev team who let us use this blog to talk about our small application for YouTrack.

Introducing the first Android mobile client for YouTrack —Okie Dokie!

The app’s mission is to give you comfortable access to YouTrack on the go: when you’re not near your PC or you just need to check something quickly and don’t want to turn on your laptop for that.

The application is still in development, but we already have the following features:

  • Multiple accounts supported.
  • Filter the issues list by specific project and/or saved search.
  • Edit issue fields and add comments.
  • Adding pictures and camera snapshots as issue attachments.
  • Star/unstar action for issues.
  • Option to open a link to a YouTrack issue with Okie Dokie.

We’re looking for early adopters for our application and we’re good listeners. We’re not here to build something only we want, but something that you want, too!

Get Okie Dokie on Google Play! Try our app and let us know what you think about it via:

Best regards,
The Okie Dokie Team

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