Upcoming Webinar – Introducing Time Management in YouTrack 4.1

We are pleased to announce our next free webinar, Introducing Time Management in YouTrack 4.1, set to take place Tuesday, November 6th at 15:00-16.00 CET (Central European Time).

From the previous webinars you already know how to use YouTrack in the right manner and how to manage your Scrum or Kanban project with YouTrack 4.

This webinar will cover the upcoming YouTrack 4.1 release and will focus on Time Management functionality. We will walk through the process of adding work items, show you how to check your progress on specific task or the whole feature at a glance, based upon the time spent to complete its sub-tasks.  We’ll create Time Report, grouping the results by users/issues and we’ll configure Time Tracking per project and per user.

You will also learn more about the improved GitHub integration and Agile Board enhancements.

Register now for the free webinar! Space is limited and the session is less than one week away.

About the presenters:

This webinar will be hosted by YouTrack Product Manager, Valerie Andrianova and will feature technical guru Alexander Volfman, Senior Developer in the YouTrack project and time management feature owner.

Join us for this free one hour session, grab your coffee and enjoy the show!

–JetBrains YouTrack Team —

About Valerie Andrianova

Valerie Andrianova is Space Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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6 Responses to Upcoming Webinar – Introducing Time Management in YouTrack 4.1

  1. Kevin Normand says:

    Hi Valerie
    Thank you for the presentation. Looking forward to the release.

  2. Valerie Andrianova says:

    Kevin, you are very welcome! Thanks for your time and your questions. Really hope to bring you good news about the 4.1 release very soon. Stay tuned!

  3. Valerie Andrianova says:

    By the way, the recording of this webinar will be published by the end of the week.

  4. Valerie Andrianova says:

    Sergey, I’m working on the video now, unfortunately, it requires some additional work. Will be ready in couple of days. Please take my apologies for this delay, this is my first independent webinar. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

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