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Welcome to YouTrack 4.2 Early Access Program

Are you ready to try YouTrack 4.2? Good, because YouTrack 4.2 Early Access Program (EAP) is officially opened as of today. Oh, and after you do please give us your feedback.

What’s already in there?

  1. Chatting with YouTrack Jabber-Bot: this feature is hilarious, honestly! The idea is that now you can really chat with YouTrack via jabber: send search requests and apply commands in reply to the jabber notification or simply by starting a chat with YouTrack! Here is just a short episode of my conversation with YouTrack:
    What can you chat about? 

    • Send search queries for quick results. For example, type /for:me #unresolved to get the top 10 unresolved issues assigned to you.
    • Apply command(s) to specific issue(s). For example, type Erp-24 fixed tag ready to be tested to fix issue Erp-24 and add the tag ‘ready to be tested’.
    • Ask for help by typing /help.
    • Simply chat if you feel like talking to someone 🙂

    This guy is really worth a separate blog post, so expect it soon! Please take a look at the YouTrack Chat-Bot Manual before you start chatting.

  2. Integration with Zendesk: This brand new integration allows you to share Zendesk tickets with YouTrack. When you share a ticket, a new issue is created in YouTrack automatically and all the changes will be further synchronized between Zendesk and YouTrack. For details about configuring the integration click here.
  3. A bunch of brand new workflows, bundled with YouTrack and ready to be used in your projects, such as:
    • workflow for ‘depends on’ link
    • detect +1 in comments and suggest to vote for the issue
    • reminder to add attachment or screenshot, if ‘attach’ is mentioned in the comment
    • blacklist for spam filtering
    • be notified when the ‘depend on’ issue is resolved
    • mark sprint as completed to prevent further changes
    • Timer (on/off or changing state In Progress/Fixed) workflow for adding work items automatically
  4. ‘Visible to’ command and search query: Now you can directly define the group your issue/comment is visible to, via the command window, or instead search by the visibility group:
  5. Performance improvements: Now YouTrack is even faster! Try v4.2 and feel the difference.

You are welcome to check the full list of changes included in YouTrack 4.2 EAP. Download YouTrack 4.2 EAP build and enjoy all the latest tracking goodies!

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Please share your thoughts via:

Keep tracking with pleasure!

JetBrains YouTrack Team

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6 Responses to Welcome to YouTrack 4.2 Early Access Program

  1. Avatar

    Anton says:

    February 4, 2013

    Does the integration with ZenDesk work both ways? I.e. if the issue in ZenDesk is updated then YouTrack will get the information, as well as if I update a YouTrack issue, then the same information would be pushed to ZenDesk?

    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      February 4, 2013

      Hi Anton,
      Yes, it should work both ways, the changes should be synchronized.

  2. Avatar

    Hertzel says:

    February 13, 2013

    Is there a way to have the same thing for Jira? not just pull, but update issues firectly form Youtrack? back into Jira?

    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      February 14, 2013

      Unfortunately no, we don’t have this kind of integration with Jira now. You are welcome to file an issue to our YouTrack.

  3. Avatar

    D.Kuster says:

    February 14, 2013

    I have reviewed the LDAP integration and was not able to see the integration for groups.

    It would be quite useful to be able to have the LDAP groups available in you track as we already manage the groups for project access in the active directory and use them in (svn, test server, etc..)
    The access right management needs to be done a second time for YouTrack.
    We have a lot of small projects and we have developers who get assigned to project for short periods so there is quite a bit of change to perform. Also active directory and YouTrack are managed by different admin so changes are not always replicated correctly/in real-time.

    An LDAP integration of the groups would solve this.

    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      February 15, 2013

      Hi Kuster,
      Unfortunately LDAP integration for the groups is not implemented yet, please vote and comment the respectful feature request (I’ve already added your comment to the issue):http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-5150 to get it done faster. Star the issue to receive the notifications about its changes.

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