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YouTrack 5.0: Your Language. Your Agile. Your Rules.

YouTrack 5.0

Where do you begin the story of YouTrack 5.0?

YouTrack 5.0 codenamed ‘Gentle’ is designed to answer all the tough questions you’ve asked us. And now it can hold a conversation in your language!

Salut! Hallo! Привет! Hola!

Let’s start with the most wanted feature in YouTrack ever: now it speaks German, French, and Russian, and Spanish, with more languages coming with further releases.

To change system language in YouTrack, please go to Administration > Settings (you need administrator rights to do this) and choose from four currently available languages (in addition to English of course):

Salut! Hallo! Привет! Hola!

What’s more, if your language isn’t available yet, you can translate YouTrack on your own. Or, you could create a personal YouTrack with your own slang, if you like. Check out the How to Translate YouTrack UI guide.

Redesigned UI: New look, same soul

YouTrack strikes a brilliant balance between form and substance. Clear and detailed, issues management is now faster, easier and cooler. We’ve redesigned the Full Issue, Create Issue and Edit Issue screens with a new look-and-feel that will help you manage issues with more fun and speed.

The key enhancements and major changes include:

  • Unified design and layouts for Full Issue, Edit Issue and Create Issue screens: same places for fields everywhere
  • Field labels are permanently visible now
  • Attaching files from the system is faster and more fun: simply drag them to the Create Issue or Edit Issue screen
  • Generate an issue template URL and send it to your customer or collaborator. You also can use this URL for yourself for reporting further issues
  • Clear but still detailed comments view
  • Updated design for menu items
  • Restyled Edit Issue and Delete Issue icons

Full Screen Issue

Ultimate Agile Experience
Many significant Agile board improvements are waiting to be enjoyed. Please take them for a spin and get the most out of your new Agile project tracking.

Key improvements:

  • Cross-project Agile board
  • Entirely new Backlog management
  • Board based on search query
  • Board visibility settings
  • Multiple boards
  • Swimlanes based on attributes
  • Column visibility
  • Personal Agile
  • Restyled cards

Agile Board

Darcula TV look and feel
Many JetBrains products have adopted the darker side, and now it has finally reached YouTrack as well.

If you apply Agile methodologies in your practices, you know that the hardest thing is to stay Agile. To cope with this, your board should be visible as much as possible, especially during meetings, or maybe even permanently on a TV screen in your office. You can’t afford not to keep track of what’s going in your project.

This is why we’re making available a new Darcula-style view for the Agile board. Specifically designed for TV, it is highly visible from a distance and also very usable on a PC screen. Please welcome YouTrack Darcula TV style:


Explore the darker side to stay Agile!

Similar Issues
Say No to duplicates, thanks to the brand new Similar Issues tab next to the familiar ‘History’ and ‘Linked Issues’ tabs. Now while creating or editing an issue on the Full Issue screen, you can view a list of issues similar to the current one.

Similar Issues

Renewed Screenshot Tool

Meet the new Screenshot tool and will take more shots than ever before:

  • A completely new look and feel
  • Comments: Now you can add comments just in the screenshot itself
  • New highlight tool
  • Lines and straight lines: By holding CTRL you can easily draw straight lines

Screenshot Tool

Wiki Markup
In other enhancements, please welcome new wiki markup for visual descriptions and comments:

  • Insert HTML tags
  • Highlight YouTrack users by typing @ before their username
  • Set out long paragraphs with new list formatting
  • Find more available options in wiki markup help

Clone Issue
A rookie has joined the team of powerful YouTrack commands. From the very beginning YouTrack was a unique tracking tool because of its command language and full keyboard control. Now we are pleased to introduce a new command: Clone Issue. With this command you can clone one or multiple issues. Just start typing “clone” or open the command dialog to apply this new command to the issue!

Clone Issue

System-wide notification message
More customization possibilities for YouTrack administrators. Now you can show a system-wide message to all of your YouTrack site users to notify them about any site maintenance, last updates, recent events, or anything else you would like.

Database Performance
We’ve enhanced our database, designed internally by our engineers specially for YouTrack. It’s gotten faster, smarter and safer.

Check What’s New in YouTrack 5.0 for more juicy details. And if you are thirsty for even more details, check the full release notes.

Get YouTrack 5.0 right now and try all the new features yourself!

If you are using YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us, your site will be upgraded to v5.0 according to our Events and Maintenance Calendar.

Keep calm and track it softly with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”
JetBrains Youtrack Team

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