YouTrack 5.0.1 is Out: The hottest bug fixes for the latest version

We are ready to introduce the latest update for your favorite agile issue tracker.

YouTrack 5.0.1

YouTrack 5.0.1 is available now. This minor update includes a set of very important fixes and performance improvements. Please check the full list of fixes. You are highly welcome to grab the YouTrack 5.0.1, either by downloading the latest build or by signing up for YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us. If you are already using YouTrack InCloud, your site will be updated to 5.0.1 according to our Maintenance Calendar.

While further fixes are on their way, your feedback on new features is highly appreciated. Please help us make YouTrack v.5 better.

Keep calm and track it soflty with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”!
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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