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YouTrack 2018.1 Released!

Please welcome YouTrack 2018.1!


YouTrack 2018.1 introduces conditional custom fields, per-user localization, date-based swimlanes, and other improvements.

New Features

  • Conditional Custom fields
  • Per-user Localization
  • Date-based Swimlanes
  • Custom Widgets
  • Activity Stream
  • Markdown Support
  • Exports in Excel Format
  • User Agreement


  • Workflow API Updates
  • Import Improvements
  • Ignore Option for Subtasks on Agile Boards
  • Required Email Verification

Experimental features

  • Redesigned Full Page View
  • Checklists in Markdown

Conditional Custom Fields

You can now configure some custom fields to be shown only when specific values are selected in another custom field. These conditions can be set on a per-project basis.


This feature is very useful for users who want to configure custom fields that are only visible when various conditions are met. You can add a condition to show specific fields based on the selection in any enumerated field, not just issue type.

You can set up conditional fields for your project in the project settings.

Per-user Localization

Starting from 2018.1 YouTrack lets you choose your own preferred display language. For consistency across the application, the language that is used in search queries, commands, and custom fields is set at the global level. The page headers, menus, and controls are displayed in your preferred language. You can change the display language at any time in your profile.


Date-based Swimlanes

We have added the option to sort swimlanes by the due-date field on an agile board. This feature will help you keep track of issues that are due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, and so on. If you use this feature, every midnight the board will be automatically refreshed. The cards will be reshuffled to appear in the proper swimlane. For example, all of the issues in the swimlane for today will move to the swimlane for yesterday.


Use it to track what should be done next and never miss another deadline!

Custom Widgets

The Custom Widgets feature has been promoted from experimental to public. This means that the feature is automatically enabled when you install or upgrade to YouTrack 2018.1.


This feature lets you upload custom widgets and add them to your dashboards. Use custom widgets to grab content from external sources or present uniquely formatted data from connected services.

We have also integrated this feature with the JetBrains Plugins Repository. Here, you can access widgets that have been developed by other users and share widgets with the community by uploading your own. Learn how to build your own custom widgets and join the YouTrack Community on slack to exchange knowledge about custom widgets.

Activity Stream

With the experimental release of the new full page view, the Activity Stream feature has been promoted from experimental status to public. Following its first introduction on the agile board, this feature has been upgraded to include VCS changes, pull code reviews from Upsource, and support live updates.


Markdown Support

This feature has also made the transition from experimental to public. You can format text in issue descriptions, comments, and work with items in Markdown syntax without having to enable the feature separately. You still have the option to toggle between the Markdown and YouTrack Wiki syntax on a per-user basis.


Exports in Excel Format

We’ve added the option for you to now export a list of issues in Excel format. Unlike CSV, exports in Excel format preserve data types for values in custom fields.

User Agreement

We’ve added a feature that lets you store a user agreement that is presented to users who log in to YouTrack. To access and use YouTrack, users must accept the agreement.


This lets you collect and track individual consent to process personal information in YouTrack as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for businesses that operate in EU member states.

Updates and Enhancements

Workflow API Updates

The workflow API has been extended to support specific features from ES6 /JS2015. New methods let you detect when changes are applied without notification, react when a comment is deleted, and check whether Markdown is used to format an issue description, comment, or work item description.

Import Improvements

We’ve improved import functionality from other trackers. We now provide more detailed instructions for working with Python import scripts and mapping issue attributes. We also published the import scripts to the PyPI platform to ease installation.

Ignore Option for Subtasks on Agile Board

For boards that add issues automatically, issues that are linked as subtasks to cards on the board are added to the swimlane for uncategorized cards. A new option in the Board behavior settings lets you ignore subtasks and hide them from this swimlane.

Required Email Verification

A new option for administrators lets you mandate that users verify their email address as a requirement to access YouTrack. This option improves the security of your installation, especially when self-registration is enabled.

Experimental Features

Full Page View

We release a complete redesign of the issue view page. It now supports Markdown in the description and comments, checklists, sorting comments in reverse-chronological order, smart @mentions, usability improvements for custom fields, a dark theme, a distraction-free mode, and the ability to download all attachments. The comments, issue history, time tracking, and VCS changes have been consolidated into a single activity stream with options to show or hide specific event types.


If this feature is enabled globally, simply choose the “Use experimental version of full page issue view by default” option in your profile to use the new page by default.

Checklists in Markdown

We’ve extended the Markdown syntax to support checklists. Use checklists to track activities that contribute to issue completion without creating separate issues for subtasks.


This feature is not fully supported in older issue views, therefore the Full Page View feature should also be enabled.

Sounds good? Give YouTrack 2018.1 a try! Your feedback is highly appreciated, so please share it with us in the comment section below.
For more details about the release, please see the Release Notes.

If you are using YouTrack in the cloud, your instance will be upgraded to the latest version automatically according to our Maintenance Calendar.

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