Discontinued Support for Slack Integrations over XMPP

If you’ve been working with our Slack integration that uses XMPP, we’re sorry to inform you that its days are numbered. Slack has already started to phase out support for connections through XMPP gateways.

  • In early April, they removed these connections from workspaces where they were no longer in use.
  • On May 15, Slack is closing these gateways for all remaining workspaces. As a result, integrations between YouTrack and Slack that use the XMPP protocol will stop working.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t integrate YouTrack and Slack anymore. We have another type of integration that you can use to post notifications to your workspaces in Slack. This integration uses the YouTrack Workflow API, which means that you have the power to customize its behavior and can configure the integration on a per-project basis. To learn how to set up and use this integration, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Unfortunately, the workflow-based integration doesn’t support the Jabber Bot. With this feature, you were able to apply commands to issues by chatting with the Jabber Bot account. We’re currently developing an app for Slack that supports commands plus a whole lot more. For updates regarding its availability, watch this space!