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New Per-Usage Pricing Model for YouTrack InCloud Is Launched

We’re excited to share that the new per-usage pricing model for YouTrack InCloud is launched! As we’ve announced before, this model lets you pay exactly for the number of users or the amount of disk space you need. The first 3 users are always free, so you start paying from the 4th user only.

per usage pricing model

New Free Plan

The new pricing model also introduces the new Free Plan, which is limited to up to 3 users and includes private projects. Starting November 8, 2018, all new instances will be registered with the Free Plan.

Free Trial

If you would like to see how YouTrack scales for larger organizations, you have the option to switch to the free trial from your YouTrack settings. The free trial is limited to 14 days, lets you add up to 100 users, and gives you up to 10 GB of disk space.

You’re welcome to switch back to the free plan or start a commercial subscription at any time during your trial or within one month after the trial expires.

Monthly Subscriptions

We calculate the cost at the end of each month according to the maximum number of user accounts registered in your system during the month. Banned user accounts are not included in the calculation.

Annual “True-Up” Billing

At the beginning of the year, you purchase a certain number of users (and get 2 months free). You may add more users throughout the year. YouTrack tracks the maximum number of users each month. At the end of the year, we will charge you for the total number of extra users added each month, based on the monthly pricing.

Storage Limits

1 USER = 1 GB

If you’re consuming storage more actively than you do user accounts, your charges will reflect the greater of the two. The same pricing is applied to storage limits, in GB, as to the number of users.

YouTrack Standalone

YouTrack Standalone pricing model stays unchanged.

Existing Customers

Don’t worry – we will keep supporting the current plans for existing customers. You’re welcome to:

  • Extend your current plan for as long as you wish, but you won’t be able to change your plan to increase or to decrease the number of users with one of the old plans.
  • Switch to the new pricing model at any time. As an additional benefit, you get 3 months for free when you switch to an annual subscription.
  • Switch to the new Free Plan at any time. If you have more than 3 users, you can still switch to the new Free Plan. Your extra users will be banned automatically. To avoid it, revise your users and ban those you don’t need manually, before switching.

If you’ve outgrown your current plan, you will benefit from switching to the new model, as your transition will be much smoother and will not cause the price to increase rapidly. You’ll be able to add users one by one, if and when you need them.

Check out the new Pricing page with a handy pricing calculator, as well as the FAQ which should cover any questions you may have. If you have any additional queries, please feel free to leave the comments below or contact us.

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