Issues List Improvements

We’re getting ready to roll out the redesigned version of the Issues list in our next major release. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about some of the improvements we’ve added to the experimental version of the page in our latest bug fixes.

Select all action

We’ve added an action to select all the issues on the new issue list page.

    • You can use either the checkbox or ⌘+A (Ctrl+A) to select all the issues on the page. If the number of issues that matches the search is more than what’s visible on the page, you can click “select all”.


  • It is now possible to apply the command to up to 10 000 issues at the same time. If you interrupt the process, the command will be still applied to the issues it has managed to get through.


Field Visibility Settings

We’ve reimplemented a control that lets you choose which fields are visible on the Issues list. Please note, the visibility of the fields depends on the search context which you can select in the visible fields menu. As with the previous version of the page, values for custom fields are only visible when the level of detail is set to M (compact) or L (detailed).


Sort by option

We have added a control that lets you add attributes for sorting issues. This action can be useful for anyone who prefers not to type in the search.

  • To add a new attribute, click on add a sort attribute, the list will show you all the available items that can be used for your search.


When the attributes are added, you can also change their order by dragging and dropping the attributes around.

  • You can change the order of how the issues are sorted by clicking on the icon next to the attribute.



The latest update brings back the sidebar. This implementation provides links to show issues for your favorite projects, saved searches, and tags. The counters show the total number of projects, saved searches, and tags that are available to you based on your access rights for projects and the sharing settings for saved searches and tags.


Live Updates

If you pay careful attention, you’ll notice that updates are applied to issues that are visible in the list in real time. You can see changes applied to the summary, description, and custom fields without refreshing the page. You’ll also see incremental updates to the counters for attachments, comments, and votes and changes when other users add or remove tags.

In addition to the more noticeable changes, we’ve made several other tweaks and fixes. We’re continually working to improve performance to keep the page load times as fast as possible.

This functionality is already available in the latest bugfix build. If you use YouTrack InCloud, your server will be updated according to the Maintenance Calendar.

That’s it for now. Please share your feedback below, or create an issue in YouTrack. It will really help us to improve the page before the official release.

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