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Join our online event on ‘Working from home’ in Southeast Asia

The current situation has forced some companies to temporarily close their physical offices and have their staff work from home. The concept of working remotely may not be new, but for many organizations in Southeast Asia, this is the first time they’re putting it into practice on a large scale.

Watch the recording of our online event to see how your team could get ahead of the game!

What? Online event ‘Working from home: Challenges faced by project managers in Southeast Asia’.
When? July 15, 2020, 16:00–17:00 (GMT+8, Singapore)

30 min: panel discussion with project managers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia.
30 min: live YouTrack demonstration on remote teamwork scenarios.

Check out the details and watch the recording.


As working from home is becoming the new norm, how do teams continue to manage tasks and projects with their members working remotely? How do remote managers ensure remote teams are sticking to deadlines to make sure tasks are completed on time? Are there tools available to increase productivity for both IT and non-IT companies?

In our panel discussion, project managers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia are sharing how the recent switch from working in the office to working from home has impacted their project management practices and how they have adapted to this new norm.

The panel discussion is followed by a YouTrack tips and tricks session, where you could see real examples of how JetBrains YouTrack can help organize your work-from-home teams. We also show you how YouTrack can go far beyond IT practices and become a useful part of your daily work life.

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