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Issue Tracking Tools Review 2019 – Important Takeaways for YouTrack

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Last year we undertook a major study of the global issue tracking tools market. In the process, we gained some valuable insights about our own issue tracker, YouTrack, as well as about other tools and the state of the market itself.

Our study set out to identify the most popular issue tracking tools are and to learn what criteria determine their popularity among organizations and teams, how likely their users are to recommend them to others, and what features are considered most important.

The results are now in, and we’re ready to share them with you.

Research methodology

We had a lot of questions in mind when designing our study, and we were struggling to find data that would answer them all and still be applicable to the majority of countries we were targeting. So we decided to gather our own data from as large an audience as possible by publishing an open survey in social networks.

Since we designed and conducted the survey ourselves, there was obviously a potential for our customers and our own issue tracking tool, YouTrack, to be over-represented in the results. This would have negated the value of the results not only for you but for us as well, so we took special care to ensure that the survey sample was as representative of the real market environment as possible.

We compiled our report based on data gathered from 2,400 respondents in 20 countries.

Around 70% of those respondents had at least some experience using issue trackers at work. The 12 most popular issue trackers were Jira, GitHub Issues, Trello, Gitlab Issues, Redmine, YouTrack, Azure DevOps Server, Asana, Bugzilla, Wrike, Monday.com, and Pivotal.

Respondents gave an evaluation of their experience with these tools, and we’ve compiled these findings into our Issue Tracking Tools Review 2019 report.

YouTrack takeaways

Here are the key findings for YouTrack:

  • 19% of the survey respondents have tried YouTrack.
  • 66% of YouTrack users said they would recommend it to others. This was the highest result among the 12 most popular tools.
  • YouTrack users were the most satisfied with their tool’s feature set, with search capabilities, navigation, options for working with issues, workflow customization, time tracking, and localization cited as its top advantages.
  • YouTrack ranks highest for support quality and ease of configuration and maintenance.
  • YouTrack is the tool of choice for many non-IT users. At 32%, it had one of the highest percentages of non-IT users among all tools reviewed.

Our research showed us that the distribution of small, medium, and large enterprises in our customer base closely fits the global distribution of different-sized companies using issue tracking tools in our survey results. Our features, pricing, and support policies are already highly rated, and we will continue to develop them to meet the needs of our diverse user base.

The survey identified the key areas for improvement that are most valued by issue tracking tool users. We will pay extra attention to our agile boards and to our planning and reporting features moving forward. We found that YouTrack’s usability and performance rankings correspond to the market average, so we intend to work more on those areas too.

Integrations with third-party tools are also important to issue tracker users. For example, Helpdesk integrations are considered important by 1 out of 4 users. So we are already working on introducing more helpdesk-related features in YouTrack.

This research provided us with invaluable insights to help us further improve YouTrack. Check out all our findings in the official report.

Check out the official report

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