AppCode 2016.2.1 EAP

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2016.2.1, a bug-fix update to the recently released AppCode 2016.2. Build 162.1531.4 is now available for download on our confluence page.

The following fixes and improvements are included into this build:

  • We re-worked error handling intentions for Swift, such as Add ‘catch’ clause, Add default ‘catch’ clause, Add try and others, and fixed the most frequent false-negative cases when these intentions appeared in the correct code. Now they should work much better. Note, that still there are some known issues (such as OC-12898, OC-13830, OC-13857), and we’re planning to work on them in next AppCode releases.
  • Override/Implement (^O/^I) popup now shows methods from extensions for Swift classes.
  • Option for spaces inside dictionary literal key:value pair in Objective-C code style settings is replaced with two options for specifying spaces before and after colon separately. You can find them at the bottom of Spaces tab in the corresponding Code Style section in Preferences:
  • Framework submodules imported using @import directive are now correctly resolved.

As usual, C++ language support improvements implemented in the CLion are also available in AppCode. Read about them here.

You can install this build side-by-side with the stable version of AppCode. Please, note that this build requires an active subscription (or you can start a 30-day evaluation period).

Your AppCode team
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