AppCode 2016.3 EAP, build 163.5644.16

New AppCode 2016.3 EAP is ready and available to download on our confluence page. If you are using previous 2016.3 EAP build, the patch update is also available.

In addition to all changes included into the latest 2016.2.3 EAP, it contains fixes for the following issues:

  • Problem with UI tests running in Xcode 8 (OC-14208).
  • Proper resolution context handling inside #ifdef/#else/#endif macros in Objective-C. Code highlighting (as well as find usages, refactorings, code generation, code analysis and more) may depend on the set of preprocessor definitions for particular scheme in you project. Now AppCode will automatically change the resolve context depending on the Run Configuration selected in the project:Resolve context
  • Incorrect error handling intentions (OC-13774). In fact, this change should fix not only the case mentioned in the issue, so if you had any incorrect error handling intentions in your code in the past, please try it and let us know if some problems still exist.
  • Correct typealias indentation (OC-14230).

In addition, we implemented support for changes described in SE-0099 proposal (Restructuring Condition Clauses, OC-14164).

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