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AppCode 2021.2: Improved Swift Support, Complete Statement, Call Hierarchy for Swift, and More!

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Please welcome our second major update this year – AppCode 2021.2!

AppCode 2021.2

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Language Support

AppCode 2021.2 includes support for the following Swift proposals:

  • SE-0289: Result builders
  • SE-0295: Codable synthesis for enums with associated values
  • SE-0296: Async/await

Documentations Tags

AppCode now shows completion for common documentation tags in Swift:

Documentation tags

Complete Statement

Completion for statements automates routine actions when writing typical statements, such as if, else, while, and others. Simply write if and press ⌘⇧⏎ to have curly brackets inserted automatically. Then press ⌘⇧⏎ again when the if condition is specified to jump directly to the if body:

Complete Statement

Call Hierarchy

Call Hierarchy is one of the most helpful navigation views in many JetBrains IDEs. Now it’s available for your Swift code:

Call Hierarchy

Swift Package Manager

Run and Debug During Indexing

You can run, build, debug, and test regular Xcode projects even before AppCode has finished its indexing. In AppCode 2021.2 we’ve made it possible for you to run and debug SPM projects in the same way.

Build Settings

AppCode now understands headerSearchPath, define, linkLibrary, and other new build settings from the SE-0238 proposal:

SPM build settings

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Plugin for AppCode

Have you already tried Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for your applications? If not, it’s a good time to test it right in AppCode. Download our new KMM plugin, install it in the IDE, and have ready-to-use templates for new projects, the Gradle DSL for unifying Android and iOS app configuration, cross-language code assistance, and more:

KMM plugin

Preview Tab for Debugger

Sometimes when you debug your application, you have many files opened during stepping. Now you can have a single tab for all of them with the Preview tab enabled:

Preview Tab

Text Search in Local History

Local History helps you constantly track all changes made to a project independently of version control. Now you can search for a specific change in Local History and locate the rollback point faster with full-text search:

Local History

Localization Packs

Starting with this version, you can use AppCody fully localized to Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Localization is available as non-bundled language pack plugins that you can easily install in your IDE. More than 1.5 million users started using the partially localized EAP version of our language packs.

That’s it! Explore all the new features in detail on our website and start your free 30-day evaluation to see them in action for yourself!

Download AppCode 2021.2

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