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AppCode Bug-Fix Update 2022.1.1

AppCode 2022.1 was released just a few weeks ago and was focused on quality improvements and enhancements. Today we are publishing the AppCode 2022.1.1 bug-fix update. If you haven’t yet upgraded to the new v2022.1, now is a good time to do so!

Build 221.5591.52 is available from our website, from the Toolbox App, or via update patch from the IDE itself.


Code generation and refactorings in Swift

  • The Change Signature refactoring in Swift was updated to avoid situations where an existing subscript parameter name is put in the Name field in the Change Signature dialog.
  • Fixed the issue causing the initializer to be missing when creating an actor in a new file (OC-22757).

This update also fixes a few code parsing and resolving issues (OC-18649, OC-22688).

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
The Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode got a huge update in March with support for all kinds of multiplatform projects and Android-specific IDE features. This update fixes several issues found in the plugin:

  • Using an Android emulator with a preview API level no longer breaks Android run configs and post-import activities.
  • The new project template no longer uses deprecated kotlin-android-extensions.

IDE UI and settings

  • Fixed the issue with Sort tabs alphabetically being disabled when dragging and dropping tabs to a different editor window (IDEA-283610).
  • When switching between light and dark themes, the background color of the Find action text field now changes accordingly (IDEA-290491).
  • Fixed the issue with the Group by action in the Commit dialog so that the previously used settings are now retained (IDEA-289528).


  • Fixed the issue causing high memory usage and a decline in performance when working with large JSON files (IDEA-291190).


  • Fixed the issue with removing scratch files from Xcode projects (OC-22808).

The full release notes are available here.

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