Take part in our new Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018

Update (November 5th): We’ve published the raw data. Get it!

Update (June 7th): We have published the report. Check it out!

We love getting the real opinions of developers at JetBrains, be it the users of our products or not. This is the world we are a part of; we like to hear what you think so we can make sure the products we have fully serve the people that they are made for.

But still, it is not always possible to represent everyone’s input into the system. We all contribute in some way, by keeping languages from extinction, and helping others build in popularity; you are an important factor in our continuous evolution.
To get a better look at this complex ecosystem, we continue to run: Developer Ecosystem Survey.

A lot has changed over the last year, and we need to ask you for your help putting together the pieces, and to see how the developer ecosystem is evolving. Our goal is to involve as many developers as possible, from as many regions as we can (the survey is available in 7 languages). We want to include any developers, no matter what IDE or editor they use or programming language they prefer, and get an accurate real representation of the diversity everyone’s contribution has to this thriving community.

So, let your voice be heard! Complete our survey for the chance to win some special prizes.

Please make sure to share this with your friends and colleagues; we would like everyone to have a chance to contribute.

The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The JetBrains Research Team

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