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Ever since Toolbox App 1.0 first came about back in October 2016, more and more of our customers are finding that using it makes it even easier for them to access their projects across JetBrains IDEs and update all their IDEs to the newest versions (including EAPs). We want to thank you for supporting and encouraging us to make Toolbox App even better.
Based on your feedback we developed and launched the following features in our previous releases:

  • Auto-update for Toolbox App is now enabled by default
  • Toolbox App can update manually installed IDEs on all OS
  • Option to disable instant rollbacks


  • Command-line launchers (Shell scripts) for installed IDEs


And now we have better integration into all the different OS

  • Linux: Toolbox App detects IDEs which were manually installed.
  • Windows: run the IDEs as Administrator, IDE shortcuts in the Taskbar and on the Desktop are updated automatically.
  • macOS: fixed the bug where docked icons were broken after an upgrade (Dock restart was required after each update).


What’s new in Toolbox 1.11

Well, it’s now time for something new. We understand how important it is for you to see the release notes before installing the version updates. Please find the What’s New in the new 1.11 Toolbox App release. Review the release notes before you update right inside the app as soon as a new version update becomes available.

Updated UI

We have also updated the Settings UI by removing the “apply” button. All changes are now applied immediately.

This release comes with the usual batch of bug fixes as well. The most noticeable of which is that Gradle support now works correctly in IntelliJ IDEA when started from Toolbox App on Windows. See the full list of release notes.

We love your feedback and will continue improving Toolbox App to make it more reliable for you. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest up-to-date news and useful tips.

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8 Responses to Toolbox App 1.11: What’s New.

  1. Andrew says:

    Current setup: JetBrains ToolBox version 1.10.4088 and Rider 2018.1.4 on macOS 10.12.6
    When I start JetBrains ToolBox this happens:
    1. The toolbox starts downloading JetBrains ToolBox version 1.11.4231
    2. once downloaded, it tries to install the package but it will error out couple seconds later with this message: Update failed: Failed to extract package. Failed to mount .dmg.
    3. after a few seconds, the toolbox will start downloading Rider 2018.2
    4. once downloaded, it tries to upgrade Rider but it will error out couple seconds later: Failed to extract package. Failed to mount. dmg. (note, no “Update failed” this time)
    5. after a while, the toolbox will start downloading Rider 2018.2 again and fail

    I have to quit the toolbox or it will continue the cycle.

    Is this just me or someone out there experiencing the same thing?

    • Andrew says:

      I manually downloaded/installed JetBrains ToolBox 1.11.4231 yesterday and the problem persisted.
      However, this problem has been fixed this morning.
      Good work, thanks.

    • Andrew says:

      Similar behavior is happening to DataGrip: I can’t install DataGrip (any version) using the ToolBox.
      I then manually downloaded and installed DataGrip. The ToolBox automatically detected the manually installed IDE and shows a “Update” button next to DataGrip.
      Clicking on “Update” results in the same error I described earlier.
      Please fix the bug for DataGrip as well.

  2. Mike says:

    Does Toolbox support Android Studio as well?

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