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DataSpell Has Been Officially Released: A Brand New IDE for Data Scientists Using Python and R

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We’re excited to announce that DataSpell, our new data science IDE, has been officially released! DataSpell is a new IDE by JetBrains designed specifically for those involved in exploratory data analysis and prototyping ML models. DataSpell combines the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks with the intelligent Python and R coding assistance of PyCharm in one ergonomic environment.

What major features does DataSpell offer? First and foremost, DataSpell supports both local and remote Jupyter notebooks. It’s possible to work with them right inside the IDE exactly as you would use traditional web-based notebooks. The main advantage over Jupyter or JupyterLab is that with DataSpell, you get the intelligent coding assistance and lots of other features offered by a full-fledged IDE. DataSpell supports Jupyter’s command mode, most of its standard shortcuts, Markdown and LaTeX, and interactive outputs. For Python and R scripts, DataSpell allows you to run entire scripts or parts of them and browse outputs interactively and conveniently.

While DataSpell’s support for local Jupyter notebooks is now also bundled with PyCharm Professional, DataSpell offers more out of the box for data scientists thanks to its focus on data and interactivity. DataSpell provides a lightweight workspace model that allows you to reuse configured environments, attach multiple folders with data, scripts, and notebooks, or connect it to multiple remote instances of Jupyter servers. 

In addition to notebooks and the workspace, DataSpell provides database support, built-in debuggers, terminals, Git support, and a whole bunch of plugins that are available for the IntelliJ-platform, including Docker, Material Theme UI, and GitHub Copilot.

Download DataSpell, give it a spin, report your feedback, and invite your friends to try it too! If you have any questions, please ask them here in the comments or in our Slack community!


We’d like to thank the active DataSpell EAP participants who tried the early versions of the IDE and submitted lots of feedback. This release wouldn’t have been possible without your help. With the release, we’re ending the EAP and inviting everyone to use the official version. The most active EAP participants will receive a one-year free subscription to DataSpell as a token of our appreciation. 

Although the EAP is over for now, we plan to reopen it later – stay tuned by subscribing to EAP news using this form.

Last but not least, the release cycle of DataSpell is going to be the same as those of other JetBrains IDEs. This means that shortly after the major release, we plan to release minor updates that fix issues you’ve found and reported.

The DataSpell team

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