JetBrains IDEs and .NET Tools 2021.3 Have Been Released

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All of the IDEs and .NET tools 2021.3 releases are now published. Below is a quick summary of each tool release. As always, we suggest you update your tools with our free Toolbox App.

This release of our IntelliJ-based products includes the following exciting new features:

  • Remote development
  • The new “Repair IDE…” action for interactive issue resolution
  • The new “Bookmarks” tool window
  • The ability to split the “Run” tool window
  • Preview results in the Show Usages pop-up

Note: Some features are not available in all IDEs. 

Check out the recap of each tool release below, including our big update for .NET family of tools.

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 offers numerous valuable updates! You can use the remote development (Beta) feature to connect to a remote machine, deploy an IDE backend on it, and work on a project located there as if it were on your local machine. In version 2021.3 we’ve also introduced the Repair IDE action – a new way to troubleshoot IDE problems – as well as debugger updates, the Constant conditions inspection for Kotlin, and many other improvements.

WebStorm 2021.3 is packed with many improvements, such as support for ES2022’s private class members, new features for remote development, better support for monorepos and the Deno LSP, the ability to split the Run tool window, and more.

PyCharm 2021.3 brings support for Poetry, a popular dependency management and packaging tool; FastAPI, a hot web framework for building APIs in Python; beta support for the remote development workflow via JetBrains Gateway; and the new Jupyter notebook experience, based on a deep understanding of how to boost productivity for software developers working in the data science domain.

RubyMine 2021.3 comes with support for remote development workflows, new features for RBS and type checking, bundled RBS signatures, initial support for Sorbet, improvements for the UX and performance, and more!

DataGrip 2021.3 is here! Enjoy the long-awaited Aggregate View, which saves you from having to write additional queries! Use the independent split feature to filter and order data within two entirely separate data editor windows, and try the new database diff window to compare and synchronize your DDL data source with the real one. We’ve also expanded the workflow for working with DDL data sources, sped up introspection, and improved the Import / Export feature, among other enhancements!

DataSpell 2021.3 is here! Our brand new IDE is designed specifically for those involved in exploratory data analysis and prototyping ML models. DataSpell combines the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks with the intelligent Python and R coding assistance of PyCharm in one convenient environment. Check out the full list of features at and try it now. 

.NET tools & VS extensions 2021.3

ReSharper and Rider continue to add more C# 10 features. ReSharper 2021.3 ships with support for Visual Studio 2022, new quick-fixes for nullable reference types, and updates for navigation and Find Usages. Rider 2021.3 comes with official support for the .NET 6 SDK, including Hot Reload, a revamped main toolbar and the new Debug tab, and a new Problems View tool window. ReSharper C++ 2021.3 helps you upgrade your code to modern C++. It features improved Unreal Engine support and displays the evaluation results for constant expressions right in the Quick Info tooltip. The 2021.3 versions of the dotTrace, dotCover, and dotMemory command-line tools support Apple silicon chips.

AppCode 2021.3 is here with Swift actors, multi-keyword completion, improved documentation support, a full-featured property list editor, error breakpoints, and more!

PhpStorm 2021.3 introduces support for the recently released PHP 8.1, improves the way PHP generics are handled, and provides enhancements for refactorings, deployment, the HTTP client, and VCS integration. 

GoLand 2021.3 has native support for Go projects in WSL, the Inline Function and Inline Method refactorings, and support for remote development in Beta mode. In this version, gofmt on save is enabled by default. It also has some improvements for the debugger, such as Delve for ARM64, shorter package names, and the Show Types option.

CLion 2021.3 supports a variety of toolchain setups and makes them easier to configure. It improves development efficiency with better rendering in the debugger, and it simplifies modern C++ code maintenance with in-editor type hints. Static analysis in this new release is able to catch a new batch of classic C++ pain points.

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That’s it for 2021! We hope you had a good, productive year with JetBrains tools. Happy holidays, and see you in 2022 with new, exciting features and updates.

Take care and stay safe!

Your JetBrains team

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