CLion 2018.2 EAP: fixes for project models, WSL and more


A new CLion 2018.2 EAP (build 182.2949.5) is now available! A patch-update will be available shortly in case you are using the previous EAP build.

Download CLion 2018.2 EAP

Project Model

CLion 2018.2 brought two new project models: Gradle and compilation database. This build comes with a few related fixes:

  • For Gradle C++ projects: red highlighting for C++ headers on Windows for Microsoft Visual Studio toolchain used (CPP-12936).
  • For compilation database: language type of the files is resolved automatically based on compiler options (CPP-13052).


Windows Subsystem for Linux toolchain support was added in CLion 2018.1. It’s great to see users who find WSL support in CLion beneficial! And we are grateful for all your feedback. A few fixes were introduced here:

  • Support for WSL background processes was added (starting from Windows 10 v1803).
  • Run to cursor was fixed for the WSL case (CPP-11902).

Other improvements

This build includes a bunch of fixes for Clang-Tidy integration, as well as improvements to parser / code highlighting. Full release notes are available by the link.

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8 Responses to CLion 2018.2 EAP: fixes for project models, WSL and more

  1. Denis Marinov says:

    Are those two error messages known to you (,, or am I doing something wrong that triggers them? The code compiles tho, but the wavy red line doesn’t go away.

    • Dmitry Kozhevnikov says:

      It’s definitely a bug; could you please specify your compiler version?

      • Denis Marinov says:

        I’m using mingw-w64 7.3.0 and CMake 3.11. Though, I don’t have this problem anymore. I had to recreate the project and the problem went away.

  2. Erik says:

    I notice when the valgrind debug was used with ubuntu Linux WSL clang 7 as toolchain , the following messages would be shown ,
    ==xxx== error calling PR_SET_PTRACER, vgdb might block

    I do know this is the notorious issue with pr_SET_PTR on WSL , just wonder would the valgrind diagnostics be seriously affected as the execution would follow normally after the warning messages

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