CLion 2019.2.1 Bug-fix Update


CLion 2019.2 was released just a few weeks ago, and now we are ready to give you the first bug-fix update. CLion 2019.2.1 (build 192.6262.62) is now available for download from our website, via the Toolbox App, or via snap (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly. If you haven’t updated to v2019.2 yet, now’s a good time to do so.


This update brings important fixes in several areas.

Fixes in the experimental debugger for MSVC

CLion v2019.2 introduced an experimental debugger for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain. Being experimental, it was launched with a list of known issues and limitations. In this update, we’ve fixed some of them:

  • Fixes for the callstacks:
    • Full support for call stacks on x64 systems, including information from exception handling tables.
    • Fixed function representation in call stack.
  • Fixes for stepping:
    • Support for Force Step into, which gets you into the Disassembly View (if the source code is not available).
    • Step over call from within the recursive function now works.
    • Stepping through exceptions now works (Step over call from within try with a throw block now goes to the corresponding catch block).
    • Performance improvements for stepping when variables are muted.
  • Fixes for threads:
    • Threads’ names in the list of threads are now available.
    • Threads are sorted by created time.
  • Fixes in rendering:
    • Fixed issues with rendering STL types (all containers from CPP-16661 now work).
    • Custom NatVis in STL container is now working (CPP-16675).
    • Custom NatVis loaded from the outside of the project directory is now working (CPP-16676).
  • Other fixes:
    • Watchpoints are now working (CPP-14936).
    • Exception breakpoints are now working (CPP-14564).

Other C++-related improvements

Unfortunately, in v2019.2 several inspection settings were not imported correctly when upgrading from 2019.1. This is now fixed.

We’ve also fixed a freeze on Go to Declaration (CPP-13969).

JBR update

With this bug-fix update, we have also updated both JetBrains Runtime 11 and JetBrains Runtime 8, on which CLion and other IntelliJ-based IDEs are built. The fixes covered the broken rendering of Fira Code fonts, IDE-managed HiDPI mode on Windows, the issue with the Ctrl+C shortcut in the integrated terminal on macOS, and a crash when WebView is used on RHEL Linux 7.3. For more details, see this blog post.

Find the full release notes here. Want to know what’s next? See our roadmap for CLion 2019.3.


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