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CLion 2019.3 Hits Beta

CLion 2019.3 goes Beta! To install CLion 2019.3 Beta (build 193.5233.10), download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, get it through a snap package (if you are using Ubuntu), or use a patch update.


The main highlights for this build are:

  • Completion insert handlers were implemented in Clangd-based language engine, which allows functions/methods to be completed with (), namespaces – with ::, and type aliases – with a space at the end, if they have a built-in underlying type:

Insert handlers

  • Remote mode:
    • Full Remote Mode in CLion requires rsync (for macOS/Linux clients) or tar (for Windows clients) installed on a remote machine. CLion now verifies the tool is installed and provides a warning on the corresponding remote toolchain settings page, which clearly states that “rsync/tar is not installed or not available in PATH on remote host”.
    • You can now set a custom GDB debugger in the Remote or WSL toolchain (CPP-17552).
    • Resync with Remote Hosts is now enabled on project reload by default. This allows CLion to synchronize the header search paths from the remote machine to the local host (to resolve the code correctly in CLion) on every project reload. This operation might be time-consuming, but as it runs in the background, it shouldn’t affect CLion’s performance. If you are still experiencing any performance issues, try disabling the clion.remote.resync.system.cache registry option (Help -> Find Action, type Registry).
  • CMake File API, which makes it possible to use various CMake generators like Ninja in CLion, is now supported not only for v3.15, but for any CMake version higher than 3.15.
  • Code coverage now works with a Ninja generator (CPP-17864).
  • This build also brings several fixes to code completion and a fix for the lengthy UI freeze (CPP-17961).

The full release notes are available here.

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