CLion Bug-Fix Update 2021.3.1 and Roadmap for 2022.1

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On the first day of December, we released CLion 2021.3. Now it’s time to announce the first bug-fix update, build 213.6461.46. You can get it from our website, in the Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu). You can also update via patch from the IDE itself.


Notable bug fixes included in this update:

  • Project Model:
    • Fixed a few issues with the new CMake generator UI (CPP-27260, CPP-27308).
    • Fixed broken Makefile project loading when sudo was used for the compiler call (CPP-26761).
    • Fixed the problem causing the STM32CubeIDE project build to fail if AzureRTOS middleware was used (CPP-27204).
  • Toolchains:
    • Added redirect input support for the new Docker toolchain (CPP-27595).
    • CTest is now supported for the new Docker toolchain (CPP-27589).
  • Debugger:
  • Code navigation:
    • If there are several implementations available, navigating from a declaration now takes you to the one that is part of the build configuration selected in the editor, if possible (CPP-8264).

The full release notes are available here.

Special thanks

Now that the 2021.3 EAP cycle is over, we’d like to sincerely thank all of the participants of our recently finished Early Access Program for their valuable feedback! We also appreciate the help of those who filled out the EAP surveys – the results helped us make several important decisions during this iteration. As a special thank you, we’ll be sending a special JetBrains gift box to the most active EAPers! Congratulations to:

  • Taw Moto
  • Oliver Stöneberg
  • Victor Sergienko
  • Tom Evers
  • Corey Kosak
  • Nikita Konyuchenko

We’ll email you in the next few days regarding your address and other details for delivery.

Roadmap for CLion 2022.1

We deliver dozens of bug fixes in every release, but there are times when a more systematic approach to addressing existing issues can bring significant improvements. We’ve decided that this time is now, and we’re fully dedicating the CLion 2022.1 iteration to bug fixes and making a quality release.

We reviewed the tickets submitted to our issue tracker and considered the number of votes they’ve received, the popularity of their use cases, the number of users affected by them, and some other factors. The list of issues we’ve decided to focus on is preliminary, and this is definitely not the last quality iteration, so please keep reporting the issues that bother you and prevent productive development with CLion. Meanwhile, we’d like to share the plans we have for the upcoming quality release below.

The following is only a preliminary plan and not a promise or commitment. Tasks might be changed or rescheduled for various reasons. We cannot guarantee that all of the issues listed below will be addressed in CLion 2022.1.

  1. Remote development and toolchains: CLion 2021.3 brought a native Docker toolchain and support for the new remote development workflow involving a thin client and headless remote machine. Both additions require significant effort to maintain and to address the issues and known limitations. This process significantly depends on user reports and activity, so we encourage you to give these features a try and share your feedback.
    We also plan to sort out several GDB server remote debug configurations in CLion, and we’ll add the ability to stop the process when the GDB server detaches from it (CPP-20346).
  2. Embedded systems development: We plan to address several issues with STM32CubeMX projects, finalize the serial monitor plugin, and improve the current RTOS debugging support.
  3. Project models: We want to address one of the major root causes of many support requests that come en masse several times per year – lost compiler paths in Visual Studio and Xcode toolchain updates (CPP-25667). We will search for, discuss, and consider a solution for the annoying CMake project is not loaded message warning (CPP-14062). We are also doing our best to bring colorized output to Ninja (CPP-17786).
  4. Debugger: Together with the Rider for Unreal Engine team, we’ll keep improving our own LLDB-based debugger on Windows. We’ll work on debugger performance issues and will specifically investigate cases when the debugger hangs (CPP-13354) or the IDE freezes (CPP-20491). Even if we can’t address it fully, the problem with stdout data being lost in some cases (CPP-5704) will get some attention.
  5. C++ language support, clangd integration, code analysis: We plan to further improve the accuracy of the built-in code analyzer and address Clangd crashes.
  6. Performance: We intend to address cases of high CPU usage resulting from unit test detection (CPP-19971), a freeze caused by the Usages view (CPP-8459), and other cases of IDE performance degradation.

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