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CLion 2023.2 Goes Beta

The Beta version of CLion 2023.2 is now available with the key improvements and changes that are expected in the upcoming release. Download build 232.8660.49 from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package (for Ubuntu).

CLion Beta


Text search in Search Everywhere

Search Everywhere (Double Shift) is primarily used for searching through files, classes, methods, actions, and settings. With this update, it now includes text search capabilities similar to Find in Files.

The feature is enabled by default and can be managed in Settings/Preferences | Advanced Settings | Search Everywhere.
Search Everywhere

PlatformIO integration

We’ve continued improving the PlatformIO integration in CLion 2023.2. A big overhaul was introduced in the previous EAP builds. Now, CLion also shows PlatformIO libraries as named nodes in the project structure.

Other fixes

  • Debugger:
    • Remote GDB debugging across different architectures no longer breaks the disassembly view (CPP-19315).
    • The IDE no longer freezes when the Step into action opens a file in the editor that had previously not been opened (CPP-33877).
  • Qt:
    • We added support for arrow functions in QML.
    • We added support for QtQuick.Studio.Components from Qt Design Studio, such as RectangleItem.

You can find the full release notes here.

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