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CLion 2023.2 EAP6: Debugger Enhancements

The new CLion 232.8660.8 build is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package if you are using Ubuntu. You can also update via patch if you are using the previous EAP build.


ARM assembly

CLion now supports ARM assembly languages, which means you’ll see code highlighting for ARM assemblers in the disassembly view:

ARM assembly

Attach to root processes

The Attach to Process dialog has been improved greatly in this EAP cycle. Now it can attach the CLion debugger to processes launched on remote machines and WSL. You can also attach to processes launched remotely with administrative privileges:
Attach to Process

Terminal emulation

Terminal emulation in the output console is now enabled or disabled separately for each configuration. It’s disabled by default, and the setting that controls it has been moved from Advanced Settings to the Run Configuration section:

Terminal Emulation


We’re continuing to improve our support for vcpkg. The previous EAP build improved Manifest mode support, which CLion uses if a vcpkg.json file is present in the project. With this build, CLion adds a dedicated button to switch to Manifest mode from Classic mode, which also creates a vcpkg.json file for you:

Switch to manifest vcpkg

The full release notes are available here. In the previous 2023.2 EAP build, the following enhancements were delivered:


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